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Advantages of multi-functional vacuum packaging machine

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Advantages of multi-functional vacuum packaging machine


The vacuum packaging machine can automatically draw out the air in the packaging bag, and complete the sealing process after reaching the predetermined vacuum degree. It can also be filled with nitrogen or other mixed gases, and then the sealing process can be completed. Vacuum packaging machine is often used in the food industry, because after vacuum packaging, food can resist oxidation, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation.

  1. Inhibition of microbial growth: after the treatment of the vacuum machine for food packaging, the growth of aerobic microorganisms in meat is slowed down or inhibited under the vacuum state, reducing the degradation of protein and the oxidative rancidity of fat.

2. Prolonged product storage period: after vacuum packaging, lactic acid bacteria and anaerobic bacteria proliferate, and the pH is reduced to 5.6-5.8, further inhibiting the growth of other bacteria, thus extending the product storage period.

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