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Manual Sausage Clipper Machine

This stainless steel sausage clipper is a useful tool for butchers, meat processors or the hobby meat industry making artisanal sausages. When you're done stuffing the sausage, you can use this sturdy sausage clipper to seal the ends of the sausage. Sausage scissors are easy to use. First slide the clevis onto the rail. Then insert the fresh sausage into the device and lower the lever. The device closes the clamps around the sausage and that's it. The sausage scissors are made of stainless steel, so they are easy to clean.

U-shape Sausage Clipping Machine

This item is about a U-shaped sausage clipper. Designed for sealing a variety of casings, fruit mesh bags, edible mushroom bags, silicone rubber, anchors, and more, ideal for home or commercial use. Made of A3 high quality chromed steel, durable and easy to use, carry, store and maintain.

  • High-quality materials

  • Clipping performance

  • One-piece structure

  • high-capacity track

Excellent clip

The upper and lower molds are stable, and the return spring is not easy to wear. The stop screw controls the tightness of the clip for an excellent seal.

Chromed steel

The sausage clipper is made of A304 high quality steel with chrome finish for durability and long service life. It features a lightweight all-in-one desktop design that is easy to use and maintain.

Manual operation

The solid handle, which is not easy to break, can be effectively sealed. Flexible and smooth operation.

Sturdy thick base

The hair clipper weighs only 13kg and is easy to use and carry. It has a thickened steel base that remains stable when in use.

Special tracks with clips

The track can hold up to 200 buckles. Remove the gravity hammer, place the clasp into the chute, and put the gravity hammer back in place. It comes with two boxes of clips (model U506, 8000 pcs).

Wide range of applications

It is suitable for sealing various casings, fruit mesh bags, etc. in supermarkets, bakeries, wineries, food factories, meat processing factories, etc.

Your reliable manual sausage clipper machine manufacturer & factory in China

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