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Vacuum packaging

The basic principle of vacuum packaging is simple. You take a vacuum bag containing the product and remove the air through a vacuum system. The end result is a neatly packaged product that is fully protected during storage, preservation or display.

We are experts in supplying commercial grade vacuum systems as well as a range of consumables, custom vacuum bags. We strive to provide comprehensive, easy solutions for any business that needs vacuum-packed products. Whether you need to seal fresh or dry food for storage, or wish to prepare food sous-vide, we have a product for you.

However, the use of our vacuum systems is not limited to the food preparation industry. Maybe you own a business that sells and distributes clothing online. Vacuum sealing your product will result in a more compact and professional packaging. Likewise, removing air from packages may improve delivery efficiency and eliminate some unnecessary weight costs. This is just one example of the many ways you can take advantage of one of our vacuum sealing systems.

What is a vacuum packaging machine?

What is a vacuum packaging machine? The vacuum packaging machine puts the product into a film bag, degass the bag by reducing the pressure in the vacuum chamber, and then seals the bag. Prevent product discoloration and improve display effect. In order to avoid smashing, you can use the inflatable function.

Which products can be vacuum packed?

Today, vacuum packaging is commonly used for long-term storage of dry foods such as grains, nuts, cured meats, cheese and smoked fish, and short-term storage of fresh foods such as vegetables, meats and liquids.

Foods that should not be vacuum sealed

Raw mushrooms

Due to their natural ripening process, fresh mushrooms may rot faster if vacuum sealed. Cooked mushrooms will vacuum seal perfectly!

Raw garlic and onions

Natural gas from these foods can cause vacuum loss, making them susceptible to spoilage.

Freshly cooked vegetables

Hot steam from cooking or steaming vegetables can cause vacuum loss. Therefore, it is crucial to let hot vegetables come to room temperature before vacuum sealing.

Fresh bananas

Vacuum sealing fresh bananas can actually speed up their ripening time. But once bananas are peeled and frozen, vacuum sealing is very safe and easy.

Soft cheese

Vacuum-sealing hard cheeses is completely safe, but soft cheeses, such as blue cheese, brie, camembert, ricotta, and other soft unpasteurized cheeses, are actually safer in a vacuum than in regular air Mold grows quickly.

Whole apple

The apples first need to be sliced before being vacuum sealed. It is also recommended to lightly coat the apple slices with lemon juice, as this will help prevent discoloration.

Advantages/disadvantages of vacuum packaging

Advantages of vacuum packaging

  • Significantly extend shelf life

  • Minimum requirement for chemical preservatives

  • Barriers to external elements

  • Reduce product loss

  • Clearly visible outer packaging

  • Fast and efficient

  • Affordable Packaging Options

  • Great for frozen storage

  • Lowest upfront cost

  • Professional and proven packaging options used around the world

Disadvantages of vacuum packaging

  • External gas adds cost

  • Loss of preservation after packaging is opened

  • Proper gas and oxygen levels must be known to extend shelf life

  • Depending on each product, additional sealer accessories may be required

  • Basic vacuum bags can be difficult to open

  • Extra labels are often required

Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Our vacuum sealers use the same principles as our vacuum packaging machines, but are constructed to make them more suitable for pharmaceutical and medical vacuum packaging operations.

Just as important as the machine in the vacuum packaging process is the bag in which the product is vacuum sealed. Kite Packaging is available in a variety of sizes and they are manufactured to be ideal for use with the system itself. Our high-quality storage bags perfectly complement our highly functional systems: offering you the epitome of reliability and quality.

For any information or advice on any product in our vacuum pack range, please visit the relevant product page or call us to discuss your specific requirements. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of staff who are happy to correct any issues or provide general advice.

Vacuum Food Packaging Machine

Like many packaging challenges, choosing the right size and complexity of the system or machine can vary greatly depending on the intended use of the system. This is especially important in the meal preparation industry, where food is perishable, for example. With this in mind, Kite offers benchtop and floor-standing vacuum chamber machines. Our package sealing system has an easy-to-use control panel.

Benchtop vacuum packers are common among fresh food retailers, especially meat, deli and fish retailers, where extending the life of perishable foods is critical. This is achieved by vacuum packing and sealing the bag, which reduces the exposure of bacteria by completely removing air. No matter which food vacuum sealer you choose, all products in our range are simple to use and renowned for quality and reliability.

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