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Plastic or glass bottles labeling machine

Labeling plastic or glass bottles requires a powerful and highly precise labelling machines. Flat, oval, cylindrical – whether in pharmaceutical labelling, the food and beverage industry or in cosmetic production, labels in various formats are mandatory. Especially in the beverage industry, labelling is not an easy task: despite going through a drying machine, bottles are often not only damp, but almost damp.

For many high-volume consumer products or small products, high speed and throughput are required. This requires a high-performance machine. It is also often necessary to align the labels, such as visually matching the position of the wrap-around label with the position of the attached cover label. Our labelling machines perfectly align glass and plastic bottles for accurate labelling. If necessary, the Joygoal machine can utilize a special form of centering to ensure precise positioning of the double-sided label as the product passes: the product is additionally fixed and centered during the labelling process.

Joygoal labelling machines can be equipped with multiple labellers depending on the application requirements, such as front, back and neck labelling. Joygoal also offers special applicators for spin machines. Their particularly narrow design means they can be easily integrated into almost any existing machine.

Advantages of labeling glass and plastic bottles with Joygoal machines:

  • Short setup time as many format parts can be changed without tools

  • Modular design with standardized connections provides maximum freedom in your choice of serialization, printing and control systems

  • Special labels such as brochures or Braille labels can be used

  • Easy and reliable integration into complete packaging lines

  • Compliant with GMP and FDA regulations, food production requirements, machinery directives and ISO 9001

Your reliable automatic or semi automatic bottles labeling machine manufacturer & factory in China

Joygoal Machinery is the leading manufacturer that producing and marketing bottles labeling machine for many years. We are based on Shanghai, China, over 60 engineers striving for Joygoal and 5 departments to do design, research and development, produce, sale, after-sale service synchronously.

Your reliable China manufacturer of automatic filling and sealing machine for liquid, paste, powder and granule, used in food, beverage, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc.
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