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Why Choose Joygoal Wet Wipes Machines?

Are you frustrated every time a deal falls through due to the lack of flexibility and versatility of your wipe line?

Joygoal's wipes machine is designed to produce a wider range of wipes according to diverse market demands. Additionally, all components (sus 304 and sus 316) and systems are manufactured to FDA GMP specifications. With Joygoal's premium wipes maker, you can be globally competitive, set industry benchmarks, have a great product portfolio, and have the opportunity to succeed on orders your competitors can't.

What is a rag machine?

The machine is capable of producing a wide range of wipes including adult wipes, car cleaning wipes, baby wipes, flushable wet toilet paper, wet wipes, cleaning and household wipes, industrial wipes and heavy duty wipes. The fully automatic wipes machine can be easily changed between different products.

Wet wipes machine workflow

Production system

Unroll the raw material master roll→vertically fold→wet wipes→adjust the humidity of the wet wipes→cut the wet wipes→cross-fold the wet wipes→transport the wet wipes to the packaging system.

Packaging system

Unwind the wrapping film roll → print the date on the film → feed the wet wipes and forming bags → seal the center bag → seal the end bag → output the finished product

Your reliable Wet Wipes Machine manufacturer & factory in China

We are a professional supplier of high-quality wet wipes machine. The wet wipes produced by the wet wipes machine generally account for about 80% of the liquid in the liquid. Wet wipes with too low content will feel dry, and on the contrary, too high content will feel too wet. , it is inconvenient to use. Moreover, more than 90% of the liquid is water. In order to avoid the reaction between water and liquid, the water used in the wet wipes must be specially treated water. You can see "refined water", "purified water", "purified water", etc. "RO pure water" words.

We provide disinfectant wipes machine, automatic single-piece wipes machine, automatic 1-5 pieces of wipes machine, automatic 30-100 pieces of wipes machine, automatic 5-30 pieces of wipes machine and wet wipes disinfection wipes manufacturing machine. Based in Shanghai, China, we have more than 60 engineers working hard for Joygoal, and 5 departments carry out design, research and development, production, sales and after-sales service simultaneously.

Your reliable China manufacturer of automatic filling and sealing machine for liquid, paste, powder and granule, used in food, beverage, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc.
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