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What is an RO water treatment plant?

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A reverse osmosis plant is a manufacturing plant that conducts the reverse osmosis process. Reverse osmosis is a common process for purifying or desalinating polluted water by forcing it through a membrane.

Working process of UF Purification System:

Raw water→ Raw water tanks(buyer supply) →Raw water pumps →Quartz sand filter→ Activated carbon filter →5μm security filter→Ultrafiltration device → Pure water tank(buyer supply) →Water supply point

1. Raw water tank

Store water, buffering pressure, overcome instability of supplying water by pipe, ensure to supply water stably and continuously

for whole system(Customer provide for themselves, because big size will result in expensive freight.)

2. Raw water pump or called booster pump

Provide needed pressure for every pretreatment filter(We can provide CNP pumps or custom other brand)

3. Mechanical filter or called quartz sand filter or sand filter

We use fiber glass or stainless steel vessel as housing, fill quarts sand, it can filter big particles impurities, suspended

substances, colloids etc.

4. Activated carbon filter

We use fiber glass or stainless steel vessel as housing, fill activated carbon, remove color, odor, residual chlorine and organics


5. Water softener, demineralizer, or called Na+ exchanger

Adopt cation resin to soften water, cation resin will absorb Ca2+, Mg2+(main elements for composing scale), reduce hardness of raw

water, System can make resin intelligently regenerate, recycling

6. Security filter or pp filter, or called PP sediment filter

prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into UF membrane, accuracy is 5µm(Stainless steel housing or PVC housing)

7. UF(ultrafiltration) system

It is mainly used for separation of substances at high molecular level. It has a very good effect on deeply lowering turbidity,

clarification, sterilization and separation, concentration, classification and purification of macromolecular substances. In the

field of water treatment, it can be used to remove colloids, particles, bacteria, viruses, heat sources and macromolecular organic

substances in water and make water purified.

8. Sterilizer device

UV sterilizer or ozone generator

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