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Joygoal spouted pouch filling capping machine

Joygoal automatic capping machine is specialized in capping all kinds of round and plastic caps, which are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, daily chemical and other industries. maximum. The capping speed can reach 1200 bottles/hour. It can be linked with other packaging equipment such as bottle unscrambler, filling machine, labeling machine, electromagnetic aluminum foil sealing machine, etc. to form a fully automatic bottling and packaging line.

Capping machines are highly compatible. In order to achieve the best capping effect for different caps, some adjustments may be made in the material or design of the capping head. No bottle, no cap, no work, to ensure the continuity of production and the accuracy of capping. Linear design for easy connection with other machines.

The fully automatic capping machine adopts a strong electromagnetic left-hand capping torque device, which effectively solves the shortcomings of the traditional mechanical friction plate when the cap is tight. If there are many types of bottle caps, you only need to replace the capping head according to the bottle cap, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes. It is a very economical and applicable capping equipment that meets GMP requirements.

It is suitable for capping all kinds of round bottles, hexagonal bottles, octagonal bottles, square bottles, oval bottles and wide-mouth bottles. There is no damage to the bottles during the capping process, and the capping efficiency is high. Equipped with automatic pause function without cover, automatic start with cover. At the same time, it can reject damaged caps or bottles without foil.

The machine will be designed and adjusted according to the bottle cap provided by the user before leaving the factory. Users must read the instructions carefully before changing the specifications, and determine whether they can be replaced according to the requirements of the instructions. The accessories of the related structure need to be replaced.

Under normal circumstances, when the diameter of the bottle changes, it is necessary to adjust the distance between the guardrails and replace the curved guardrails, dials, etc. When the height of the bottle changes, the height adjustment of the machine head needs to be adjusted. When the height of the bottle changes greatly, the gasket and support sleeve need to be replaced.

The nozzle bag filling and capping machine is specially used for filling various liquids, such as juice, milk, detergent, beverage, etc.

The nozzle bag filling and capping machine works automatically: bag feeding - positioning and filling - cleaning - upper cover - capping - finished product discharge. Dust cover to ensure hygiene. According to customer's request, we can also add or remove some functions.

Joygoal Zld series automatic spout filling and capping machine

Zld series automatic bag filling and capping machine with spout is suitable for the packaging of soy milk, yogurt, mineral water, fruit juice, ice cream, edible oil, condiments, detergents, etc. We are committed to providing high-quality machinery and excellent service to our global customers.

ZLD-6A Automatic bag filling and capping machine with spout

This machine is specially designed with hoist and conveyor, six filling heads, piston filling, 6000 bags/hour. Workflow: automatic bagging--no bag detection--filling--cover and capping--cap detection--magnetic head capping--unloading--transportation

ZLD-2A Automatic stand-up bag filling and capping machine 2000ml three times filling

ZLD-2A capping machine for automatic spray pocket filling and capping machine, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, air purification system, open dust cover door detector to ensure production safety, CIP system is suitable for ZLD-2A, conveyor belt to transport finished products Bags, the printing press prints the date or batch number, the air compressor provides compressed air for the ZLD-2A to run, and the stainless steel pump automatically conveys the product for the ZLD-2A.

ZLD-4A Automatic stand-up pouch filling and capping machine

Widely used in jelly, milk, butter, juice, paste, chemical liquid, water and many other products. High reliability, convenient operation, wide applicability and high performance. Imported control components, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Aomen, Siemens, pneumatic components: Airtac, Festo, SMC. Make the system more stable and reliable.

Your reliable automatic spouted pouch filling capping machine manufacturer & factory in China

Joygoal Machinery is the leading manufacturer that producing and marketing spouted pouch filling capping machine for many years. We are based on Shanghai, China, over 60 engineers striving for Joygoal and 5 departments to do design, research and development, produce, sale, after-sale service synchronously.

Your reliable China manufacturer of automatic filling and sealing machine for liquid, paste, powder and granule, used in food, beverage, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc.
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