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How to choose the automatic filling and sealing machine? Is roll film better or sheet film better?

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How to choose the automatic filling and sealing machine? Is roll film better or sheet film better?


Friends in the food industry know that the tube filling and sealing machine is divided into two sealing methods: roll film sealing and sheet film sealing. So how should we choose between these two sealing methods?

water sachet filling and sealing machine

water cup filling and sealing machine

These two sealing methods are common. In terms of cost, roll film sealing is more economical than sheet film sealing. Usually, roll film sealing is used for milk tea, soy milk, eight-treasure porridge, cakes, fast food and other products. The sealing method can also be circular, square, triangular, special-shaped, etc. automatic filling and sealing packaging machine can also increase the vacuuming, modified atmosphere preservation and other processes, which improves the shelf life of the product. In this way, there are so many applications and functions for full-roll film sealing. Basically, some products on the market can be sealed with film rolls. Since there is no unified market for roll-film sealing machines with a wide range of applications, multiple functions, and economy? Why is there still a form of film sealing?

ampoule filling and sealing machine

Film Actuator

Film sealing is not only expensive, but also the satchet water filling and sealing machine cannot increase the functions of vacuuming and modified atmosphere preservation, and it is also picky in the type of cup opening. In fact, the reason is due to the choice of the market. The market demand is the concrete embodiment of the consumer demand. With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption concept is also slowly changing. There is a trend for consumers to pursue more differentiated and personalized products. Consumers' continuous pursuit of product grade and appearance has finally led to the emergence of film sealing machines. Because the liquid filling and sealing machine adopts the film, it has a neater cutting edge and a more beautiful appearance. The film is not only plastic but also paper, aluminum foil and other materials. The vision and touch of the products made by the film sealing machine are much higher than those of the roll film, so the film sealing machine was born in order to adapt to the manufacturers and pursue high added value and differentiation of products.

Film products

Roll film products

film release

The choice of roll film sealing and sheet film sealing depends entirely on the manufacturer's product positioning and the functional requirements of the product itself. A detailed understanding of the difference between a roll film sealing machine and a sheet film sealing machine will help us refine the selling point of the product and grasp the product market positioning, so as to avoid choosing the wrong sealing method to affect the sales and cost of the product.

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