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What Industries does the automatic labeling machine apply to?

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What Industries does the automatic labeling machine apply to?

What Industries does the automatic labeling machine apply to?

  1. The pharmaceutical industry the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is a big user of automatic labeling and requires high speed, the design of labeling machine should take into account the integration of pre-labeling and post-labeling processes and provide labeling lamp inspection and automatic labeling into the bottle holder and other additional functions. 

 2. daily chemical industry application of daily chemical industry, requirements due to the shape of the container is often changing. Soft-body plastic containers and“No-label vision” on the precision of labeling and bubble removal control has also increased the difficulty.

 3. The competition of food industry is fierce. The multi-layer label provides more space for manufacturers to advertise and promote. It also brings new challenges to the label machine design. 

 4. The application of beverage industry requires high-speed and accurate positioning, and often a bottle of multi-label, plus label shape and material often change, labeling on the position control skills is very high. 

 5. The application of labels in the electronic industry is very demanding. In addition to the particularity of label materials, the labeling machine also requires high precision, and can communicate with the main system data and so on.

 6. Automatic labeling machines have been widely used in the battery industry for rolling and shrinking labels. A well-designed labeling machine can operate at high speed while keeping the interface of the label flat, taking into account the prevention of short-circuit, and at the same time provide the function of label Shrinkage .

  7. petrochemical industry, petrochemical industry is often required in large barrels, large bottles and other containers affixed with product labels, the requir

ements of speed and accuracy are more relaxed, but because the label is larger, the power requirements of the labeling machine are higher, and on the curved surface affixed with a large area of labels, or in the uneven speed of the water on-line labeling, keeping the label indicates that flat is also the designer's concern. 

 8. Hospital equipment industry the use of self-adhesive labels in the manufacturing industry of hospital equipment and supplies is becoming more and more widespread, label machine design should also be in line with the specificity of the label and different. 

 9. The use of self-adhesive labels in the manufacturing and testing of components such as Energy Meters and transformers in the power industry is becoming more and more widespread. Labels not only serve as labels, but also provide other functional uses, the design of labeling machine also needs to adapt to different production and testing pipeline is different.

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