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What are the structure and product advantages of nozzle bag?

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What are the structure and product advantages of nozzle bag?


With the development of society, plastic packaging bags have also changed a lot. Nowadays, there are many kinds of packaging bags, different products, and different types of packaging bags used. Today, we will talk about mouth sucking bags. Mouth sucking bags are now a common kind of packaging. Mouth sucking bags are developed on the basis of self-supporting bags. Mouth sucking bags are used for washing liquid, jelly, chili sauce, flour paste, etc What are the structural composition and product advantages of nozzle bag?

Structural composition:

The structure of nozzle bag is mainly divided into two parts: nozzle and self-supporting bag.

The self-supporting bag part is consistent with the ordinary four side sealed self-supporting bag in structure, but generally uses composite materials, meeting the requirements of different food packaging. The suction nozzle can be regarded as a new ideal soft package with a suction tube added to the general bottle mouth and two parts tightly combined to form a beverage package that supports smoking. Because it is a soft package, there is no difficulty in smoking, and the contents are not easy to shake after sealing.

Product advantages:

Compared with common packaging forms, the nozzle bag has the advantage of portability. The nozzle bag can be conveniently put into the backpack or even the pocket, and the volume can be reduced with the reduction of the contents, so it is convenient to carry.

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