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Why do enterprises choose this pharyngeal swab packaging machine?

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Pillow Packaging Machine

"Ah... ah..." This morning, in front of the "Nucleic Acid Sampling Workstation" on the east side of the Municipal CDC, a citizen was preparing for nucleic acid sampling.

In the epidemic era, making nucleic acid has become our daily routine, nucleic acid swabs and nucleic acid virus collection tubes have become necessities, and a large number of swabs need efficient and professional equipment to supply. Pharynx swab packaging machine 1 out 10 full-automatic stretch film packaging machine, suitable for soft plastic packaging of disposable products such as throat swabs, gauze, protective clothing, mask cotton swabs, and medical consumables.

pillow packaging machine is mainly used for automatic filling of preservation liquid. It is applicable to various slender bottles or 5-30ml plastic bottles, various liquid filling and plastic cap screwing. The pillow type packaging machine has the functions of automatic bottle feeding, automatic bottle sorting, automatic bottle detection (filling with bottles, no filling without bottles), automatic filling, automatic cap dropping, automatic cap screwing, and tilt cap detection.

Main features:

Color touch screen operation interface; Adopt scientific 4-axis servo drive system; PLC programmable controller intelligently controls the operation of the whole machine, which has the advantages of accurate film feeding, stable material transmission, accurate bag cutting, etc.

Double packing material placing rack, suitable for paper+film, paper+paper bag making.

Applicable to: automatic bag making and packaging of cotton swabs, disposable nasopharyngeal sampling swabs, etc.

Innovative design: independent pillar mold base, mobile synchronous heat sealing system, more uniform and stable sealing surface temperature, and better instant sealing effect.

The pharyngeal swab paper packaging machine is suitable for paper and plastic packaging of disposable medical devices such as pharyngeal swabs and medical accessories. It can continuously and automatically complete the whole process of PE film or other coiled materials, such as plate heating, bubble forming, material filling, dialysis paper heat sealing, batch number printing, vertical and horizontal cutting, and finished product transportation.

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