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You don't know the coffee capsule manufacturing process

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You don't know the coffee capsule manufacturing process


From fresh coffee beans-select, roast, grind-coffee producers choose their favorite coffee to grind. Although moderate grinding or so-called coarse grinding is usually used. This will affect the taste of coffee. In any case, this is the step-by-step process of making aluminum foil coffee capsule that we all accept and love:

Engaged in coffee grinding

According to the previous discussion, each brand has an iconic coffee grinding type. In order to achieve consistency, they will stick to it in the rest of the products they produce and distribute. However, some companies sell all types of coffee grinding.

Whatever the conditions, one thing is sacred: unity. Coffee beans should be crushed or ground from their original state into evenly ground coffee. Whole coffee beans cannot be mixed with coarse grinding or coarse grinding with instant coffee. The texture, form and grate must be uniform and consistent. The best online homogenizer or intermittent homogenizer is very helpful to realize this step.

Prepare cups and coffee bag filling machine

Usually, a designed plastic cup will be prepared next-neat and clean, ready to store some coffee. The capsule coffee filling machine will also be installed. The cups will be placed on slots that will hold them during coffee filling and other programs. Cups of different colors symbolize a wide range of variations and types of coffee, including flavors.
Filling and capping

After the preparation phase, this is the coffee loading phase. As mentioned earlier, the coffee weight of 1 capsule is usually 5 to 8 grams. Therefore, the "conveyor belt" will cause the cups loaded into the components on the coffee pods filling machine to move. This movement represents the rotation of other cups to be filled, one by one.

Some manufacturers include coffee filters in the capsules. Some are not. Once the process is complete, the cap is over! Place the corresponding lid on the open capsule and cover it with coffee. Again, one by one, because they're all moving systematically.


Although it seems simple, we have completed the fourth step to the last step! Admittedly, this is the most important one-seal. Sealing is complex and critical. If the product is not carefully and properly sealed, consumers can use it against manufacturers. In other cases, buyers will ask for a replacement. If it is not provided, they may give a long negative review of the distributor or the manufacturer itself.

The problem is, they just want to get the price they pay. We all know that. This is why sealing must get enough attention and careful work, otherwise the company will lose huge profits.

Brewing test

But, of course, hard work always pays off! Through dedication, patience and good processing quality, the correct bagasse coffee capsule can be realized. But it does not stop there, the finished product still needs to be tested for quality purposes. Yes, appropriate procedures have been followed and monitored, but evaluations are still needed to ensure that product requirements are met.

These coffee nespresso capsule are set up on appropriate brewing machines and are actually brewed. In this way, if there are general defects, they will be evaluated and checked. If so, the whole batch of processed capsules may be pulled away or prevented from entering the market.

Packaging and arrangement

If the requirements are met and there are no classification defects during the inspection, the finished product enters the packaging stage. They are stored in boxes, arranged according to their taste, type and other categories. Then, stick labels on them.

Transportation and distribution

Finally, we have reached the last step! If everything is ready, then the nespresso machine coffee capsule will do. Coffee shops, shops, merchants and companies have been waiting for them, so they will be shipped and distributed to legitimate and loyal customers before arriving at your convenience store, grocery store and coffee table.

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