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The guides of cleaning your capsule coffee machine

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The guides of cleaning your capsule coffee machine

In the afternoon, enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee is a great thing, but many people find it too cumbersome to make coffee with a coffee machine. The birth of the capsule coffee machine makes it very easy and convenient to make coffee. So how does a capsule coffee machine work?

Since coffee was introduced to our country, it has become more and more popular with us. Today, there are many large and small cafes in the streets, but many people still like to buy a coffee machine at home or in the company to enjoy anytime. A fragrant coffee is full of energy and vitality throughout the day.

1. When the capsule coffee machine is finished brewing, open the handle, and the coffee pods will automatically fall into the trash can. The remaining water is washed in the water tank and the remaining capsules are washed in the litter box and put back in place.

2. The water tank of the capsule coffee machine should be wiped dry. Make sure to dry it off before using it again.

3. Make sure there are no capsules in the brewing chamber of the capsule coffee machine to avoid corrosion of the coffee machine.

4. If the capsule washing machine is not used for a long time, it needs to be wiped clean and put back in the box.

Capsule coffee machines are very convenient to operate and can extract coffee with one button, which is easier to operate than semi-automatic coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines.

The capsule coffee machine does not need to be disassembled during use, and the used capsules can be directly recycled without polluting the environment, and the production process is healthier.

The capsules used in the capsule coffee machine are completely sealed and do not need to be disassembled during use. Effectively prevent oxidation, maintain the freshness of coffee, and automatically fill and press at one time. There is no uneven coffee filling and crushing, resulting in higher quality coffee.

How to use the capsule coffee machine?

Before using the capsule coffee machine, first prepare the machine:

1. Add water: first take out the water tank, open the water tank cover and add water. Note: Add up to 1700ML of water, then close the tank cover and put the tank back in place.

2. Insert the coffee capsule: Open the handle, put the coffee capsule into the brewing chamber, and close the handle.

3. Connect the power cord: Make sure the switch is in the "0" position before connecting the power cord.

4. To make a coffee drink: put the cup on the water tank and press the coffee button

Then you can enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee.

Turn the power switch of the capsule coffee machine to the "1" position. The power light is on and the coffee maker is heating. After about a minute, when the heat indicator lights up, place the coffee cup on the lid of the water container and you're ready to make coffee.

Precautions for the use of capsule coffee machines:

1. If the capsule coffee machine is brewing coffee for the first time, it is best to brew it with water first.

2. The capsule coffee used must be purchased according to the regulations.

Something ceremonial is always more flattering. Compared with instant coffee, the advantages of capsule coffee are obvious at a glance. It can easily make American espresso, cappuccino and many other styles. You can choose any flavor of coconut and nuts. Everyone can brew a cup of fragrant coffee like a coffee master.

1. Capsule coffee machines brew coffee very fast. Compared with the series of grinding and extraction steps that a traditional coffee machine goes through, it only takes 5 seconds to preheat, the coffee can be finished in 1 minute, and the preparation is very simple. You just put the coffee capsules in the coffee machine and wait for it to finish, easy and convenient.

2. The coffee capsules are vacuum packed, safe and hygienic. And the taste can be comparable to the professional production of coffee shops, there are more than ten different flavors of coffee, so that your taste buds will not get tired.

3. Cleaning is very convenient. We all know that traditional coffee machines are difficult to clean after brewing coffee, but when a capsule coffee machine is used up, just throw the capsules away. It does not contaminate the inside of the coffee machine, so cleaning is very easy.

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