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High fructose syrup filling machine automatic syrup filling production line

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High fructose syrup filling machine automatic syrup filling production line


Automatic quantitative high fructose syrup filling machine is a microcomputer programmable control, photoelectric sensing, pneumatic implementation of filling equipment. Special for food, such as malt syrup, grape syrup, loquat syrup, corn syrup, fruit syrup, maple syrup, fructose syrup and other edible liquid as well as pesticide chemical liquid filling. Accurate filling measurement, no dripping. Suitable for filling containers of different specifications, can be changed in a few minutes, filling cycle is short, high production capacity. The filling specifications can be changed without adding spare parts, and only need to be adjusted. Users can select the filling quantity according to their own production capacity to determine the number of filling heads. Touch the color screen, which can display the production status, operating procedures, filling methods, etc., with intuitive picture, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Automatic quantitative high fructose syrup filling machine each filling head is equipped with a clamping bottle opening to ensure accurate injection alignment.

Features of automatic syrup filling and capping production line:

1. Washing, irrigation, sealing trinity, compact structure, reduce the pollution of the intermediate link.

2. The whole process of the robot clamping mouth to various stations. You don't wear and tear your bottle.

3. Air-wash sprays are inserted into the plastic bottle to be cleaned and blow high-pressure ion winds three times. At the same time, vacuum is pumped at the mouth of the bottle three times, so that the high-pressure ion winds within the cleaned bottle formed a circulation convection channel. While removing static electricity inside the plastic bottle, most of the foreign matter within the plastic bottle is blown out of the bottle.

4. Use high-pressure water to rinse the bottle, including flush water, injection water once, rinse clean air to dry inside the bottle.

5. Automatic quantitative fructose syrupbottle filling counting and packing machine can be continuously rotating filling, using the principle of art-flow equidistant constant speed funnel filling, no mechanical friction particles in the syrup.

6. Non-contact heating and melting welding is used to bottle and bottle with composite plastic caps.

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