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Cosmetic packaging ushered in new changes, bags instead of traditional packaging has become a trend

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Cosmetic packaging ushered in new changes, bags instead of traditional packaging has become a trend

With the rapid development of national economy, people's living standards and consumption power are constantly enhanced, cosmetics, as a fashion consumer product, has gradually become the mainstream product in people's life, driven by consumption upgrading. There are many kinds of cosmetics with different functions. Most of the products are mainly in milk form and liquid form. Packaging containers are needed to carry cosmetics as carriers. At the same time, since cosmetics themselves do not have a distinct appearance, it is necessary to display and promote products through packaging and appearance design, so as to achieve product sales. In order to better protect and promote all kinds of cosmetics, packaging materials need to be highly plastic to highlight the features of cosmetics, easy to use, easy to carry and other functions, here we have to mention the flexible packaging (bag packaging) of cosmetics.

Flexible packaging cosmetics products are more and more accepted and understood by consumers by virtue of their advantages of enhancing the visual effect of shelves, portability, convenience of use, preservation, good sealing, pressure resistance and decay resistance. Flexible packaging cosmetics can not only be used for disposable products such as promotional experience packaging and supplementary packaging, but also can be re-closed and re-opened by convenient dumping or absorbing contents. The waste-free feature makes it possible for the packaged products to be used for a long time. Therefore, it has become an inevitable trend to use bag packaging instead of bottle, bucket and other non-resealable traditional flexible packaging.

1 Suction bag flexible packaging

The common flexible packaging of nozzle bag is mainly divided into side nozzle bag, self-supporting nozzle bag, flat nozzle bag, special-shaped nozzle bag and eight-sided sealing nozzle bag. It can be used for packaging essence, mud film, emulsion, ironing and dyeing cream, scrub, body milk, etc., and can be used for washing liquid, hand sanitizer and other product packaging.

The product packaging of the nozzle bag is carried out by intermittent rotary filling and capping machine. This equipment is made of 304 stainless steel body of food safety level. Intelligent PLC control system is adopted, and intelligent CIP automatic cycle cleaning system can be selected to realize automatic bag hanging, automatic quantitative filling, precise quantitative. Using special drip proof filling nozzle, no leakage, no spillover, automatic cap arrangement, cap hanging, high efficiency and stability.

Flat bag flexible packaging

Flat bag is a relatively widely used form of packaging, mainly used in emulsion and essence trial products, masks and so on. It is also the main packaging method for disposable daily chemical products such as shower milk and hair wash.

rotary bag packing machine

Supporting servo filling machine

Up to 90 bags per minute

Suitable for suction bag, flat bag, stand bag

Special type bag flexible packaging

Special-shaped bags break through the traditional shape, enterprises can freely design the shape of product packaging, not only conducive to enterprise brand publicity, but also easier to attract consumers' attention. Special-shaped packaging bag can make the product different, mainly used in a variety of daily chemical products disposable packaging and promotional packaging.

In the homogenized competition is increasingly obvious today, the improvement of the form of packaging is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differentiation competition. With the adjustment and optimization of epidemic prevention measures and economic recovery, the beauty industry is also ready for growth. Yilong automatic packaging technology will continue to empower the cosmetics industry and help more high-quality, multi-functional flexible packaging cosmetics products in different forms to be introduced to the market.

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