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fully automatic spout pouch filling machine Passion fruit fermentation liquid spout pouch filling and capping machine

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fully automatic spout pouch filling machine Passion fruit fermentation liquid spout pouch filling and capping machine


#Rotary type liquid filling capping and labeling machine#

1. Performance

The liquid filling and capping machine includes cylinder automatic bag hanging, bagless detection, strong injection filling (nitrogen filling), bag nozzle cleaning and air drying, automatic cover-arranging plate, automatic capping, no-cover detection, electromagnetic head + gear capping, and finished product discharge.

2. Processing and material selection requirements:

(1) Rotary turntable: aluminum alloy, covered with stainless sheet metal;

(2) the function of Automatic bagging for filling machine liquid semi automatic: cylinder type automatic bagging structure; using the international leading air cylinder, the bagging will not hurt the bag;

(3) Inkjet: The interface of the inkjet printer is reserved, and the user can configure the inkjet printer;

(4) Bagless inspection: fiber inspection, no bag and no filling;

(5) Filling part:

a) One strong injection filling, the capacity of the material pump can be adjusted;

b) Fill with nitrogen after filling (user-supplied nitrogen source, optional);

c)   measurement accuracy ±1% of liquid packaging machine. liquid filling machine

d) Anti-drip, suitable for soy milk filling nozzle;

e) Front and rear valve cylinders, photoelectric detection without bags and no filling;

f) Horizontal stainless steel 304# barrel;

g) Equipped with automatic control feeding system;

h)The CIP of sachet liquid detergent packaging machine cleaning interface is not configured;

(8) Nozzle of spout pouches for liquid filling machine cleaning and air-drying: jet type cleaning; spray hot air to air dry after cleaning (hot air source is provided by the user);

(9) Automatic cover arrangement by the cover plate: electromagnetic vibration is used to arrange the covers from the track in sequence;

(10) the function of Automatic capping for automatic juice liquid packaging machine: mechanical capping head, hang the cap on the mouth of the bag when the turntable turns over;

(11) the function of the Detection without cover for liquid filling machine plastic bag: fiber inspection, stop alarm for cover without cover and defective cover; manual cover;

(12) the function of Automatic capping for liquid chocolate filling sealing machine:

a) Use the motor gear to screw the cap, use the strong magnetic capping head, and the torque can be adjusted visually;

b) Automatically detect the lack of cover, and the vibration plate will stop when the cover is missing;

(13) Finished product discharge: the finished product of the mechanical device is discharged; frame material: the frame body is welded with stainless steel square tube, the outer cover is dustproof, and all the other materials are made of 304# stainless steel;

3. Appearance: The filling barrel is separated from the main part; the main part is covered with 6mm thick plexiglass; the control cabinet and the filling part are designed separately, making cleaning more convenient. 7-inch touch screen control, cantilever structure

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