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maintenance Tips of automatic vertical packing machine for powder

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 maintenance Tips of automatic vertical packing machine for powder


powder vertical packaging machine is a new type of small packaging machine powder vertical packaging machine, which can be used for vertical form fill seal powder packing machine, powder and other products in food, hardware, agricultural products, medicine, daily chemicals and other industries. effect.

A scope of application

Types of packaging powder materials: coffee powder, milk powder, soybean powder, protein powder, sesame paste, yam powder, Ganoderma lucidum powder, medicinal powder, glucose powder, soft white sugar, cake powder, orange juice powder...

1. Pneumatic control, simplified structure and lower failure rate.

2. Using touch screen PLC control system, the operation is simpler.

3. Frequency conversion speed regulation, the sealing knife automatically opens when the machine is turned off, which can control unnecessary waste.

4. Bag making, filling, metering, sealing and product output are completed at one time.

Two maintenance tips

1. Before using the automatic powder packaging machine, you should carefully read the relevant technical manuals in the random data of the curry powder packaging machine, so as to have a comprehensive understanding of the masala powder packaging machine.


2. When changing the quantitative value or material, an experienced person must be invited to reset and test the relevant settings of the feeding device.

3. Do not open the door of the control cabinet casually to prevent dust from entering and affect the normal operation of electrical components.

4. Regularly check whether the sensor connector, junction box, material level gauge and electrical components used for control are damaged, so as to ensure the accuracy of the powder packaging machinery measurement.

5. Use a standard weighing instrument (the error is 1/3 of the tolerance of the automatic washing powder packaging machine) when testing each drink. The packaged materials must be tested as the final weighing value.

6. The various components of the actuator should be checked regularly. Check the coordination of the actions of each pneumatic component, whether it is leaking, whether it is broken, whether it is clean, and replace it if necessary.

7. The equipment should be cleaned regularly.

8. If there is an abnormal phenomenon during use, it should be stopped immediately, and the work can be continued after the abnormal phenomenon is dealt with.

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