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Learn about automatic packaging machinery in one minute

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Learn about automatic packaging machinery in one minute


The traditional manual packaging method can no longer meet people's requirements for high-efficiency production, so plastic bag sealing machine emerges as the times require, which automatically packages products by using a variety of packaging materials (such as paper, plastic, metal, nylon, etc.).

1. The working principle of sealing machine for plastic bags

By using one or more sensors to monitor the position and size of the product, the product is quantitatively sorted and placed into the appropriate packaging, after a simple cleaning of the bag opening and adjustment of the contents of the bag, the bag is heat-sealed to complete the packaging.

This is just the basic and basic production principle. In order to meet the diversified packaging needs of customers, manufacturers will add new steps to the production process to bag making machine for side seal bopp/opp/pe bag wit functions. For example, marking the production date (coding) on the packaging bag, adding vacuum pumping or filling with nitrogen, etc.

2. Application areas of mini sealing machines plastic bags

side seal bag making machine is widely praised by various industries for its good performance and reliability.

In the food industry, stainless steel materials are used, and the packaged products support a variety of sterilization techniques to ensure food safety.

In the daily chemical industry, it supports the diversification of finished packaging styles to meet the daily life experience of various groups of people.

In the pharmaceutical industry, stricter production standards are adopted, and automated production eliminates human influence on the production environment.

3. Types of plastic water bag filling sealing machine

According to the different packaging forms, it can be divided into bags heat sealing machine, bag sealing machine small, can packaging machine and cup packaging machine.

According to product attributes, it can be divided into machine plastic film bag heat sealing machine, powder packaging machine, granule packaging machine, sauce packaging machine, etc.

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