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Self standing bag beverage market ushers in new opportunities

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Self standing bag beverage market ushers in new opportunities

spout pouch

kraft spout pouch packaging form, which is convenient to carry, meets the packaging requirements of a variety of foods, and is widely used in FMCG food industry enterprises. In addition to the convenience in use, the self-supporting bag packaging has absolute advantages in food preservation and sealing, and has good visual effect on the terminal display shelf, which can attract more attention for the brand. It is with so many advantages that food enterprises will consider using self-supporting bags in packaging design.

Unique advantages of self-supporting bag packaging

wholesale bag aluminum spout pouch for food liquid product packaging is mostly composed of PET, PE, aluminum film, nylon and other different packaging materials, which can be selected according to different characteristics of the product. If the food needs to be kept away from light, you can choose to use the packaging bag with aluminum film or aluminum plating. PE material is more suitable for high temperature resistant products, nylon has better sealing performance, and it is more suitable for food materials with higher sealing requirements. Not only can the material be selected according to the needs, but also the thickness of the packaging can be adjusted according to the actual needs. For products with large specifications, the thickness of the packaging can be increased to improve the pressure resistance and bearing capacity of the packaging. wholesale price reusable liquid spout pouch bag can meet the advantages of different packaging needs, and are favored by more and more manufacturers.

water bags drink pouches bag stand up spout lead the new fashion

The advantages of self-supporting bag packaging also facilitate the use of consumers. The beverage products in the form of independent bags are smaller and more convenient to carry than those packaged in bottles. With suction nozzle, it is very convenient for adults and children to use. In addition, some juice spout pouch with cap spout drinking pouch filling products with high temperature resistance can be directly used for heating. For the demand for hot or cold drinks, there is no need to repack them, and they can be directly refrigerated or heated. Bottled drinks are mostly packaged with PET, which is easy to deform when heated at high temperature, and will release harmful substances under high temperature. Self standing bags are high temperature resistant, which can be directly heated and harmless to the body.

china wholesale cosmetic pouch with spout market will become a competitive field for enterprises

At present, various FMCG food enterprises have successively launched self-supporting bag packaging products to lay out the self-supporting bag product market. With the popularity of self-supporting bag packaging products, consumers have more and more in-depth acceptance and understanding of self-supporting bag packaging, and self-supporting bags will certainly become a new favorite of consumers.

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