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This is the correct way to use coffee capsules!

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This is the correct way to use coffee capsules!

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Did you know that in order to maintain the quality of coffee, the coffee capsules are required to release it from air and light? This teabag-shaped vessel also basically maintains the consistency of the taste in the coffee. Even if it goes through a long process, your favorite coffee can still have a delicious taste.

Originally, Coffee Pods were used to make Espresso. Divided into filter and coffee, this bag has been around since 1934, when its creator was Francesco Illy. At the time, Francesco Illy added nitrogen gas to nespresso coffee capsules packaging so that the coffee tasted fresher for longer.

coffee capsule holder basically cannot exist alone. This coffee bag requires a coffee machine. To produce coffee, the water tank of the machine will first be filled with water of a certain size or according to the filling limit.

Make sure the water you use is clean so you can ensure that the machine is working optimally and that it doesn't affect the taste of your coffee in the future.

The following steps to making coffee from pods are placing the pods in the coffee maker.

Some coffee machines usually work automatically, so you just put a pod on the machine and wait for your coffee to be delivered. It is this process that applies to the Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

You just need to insert the pod and touch it with your fingers to make a delicious coffee that is not inferior to the coffee in the cafe.

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