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You are OUT without drinking coffee capsules!

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You are OUT without drinking coffee capsules!


coffee capsule cup is ground coffee beans into coffee powder.

The ground coffee is then packed into aluminum foil capsules.

aluminium coffee capsules feature freshness and convenience.

Coffee lovers are guaranteed a fresh cup of coffee.

The shelf life of coffee beans is about one year.

For roasted coffee beans, the shelf life is about 3 days if exposed to air.

Ground coffee is only valid for 24 hours if exposed to air.

Due to the short shelf life of coffee,

Coffee is difficult to export to other countries far from the country of origin.

This means that we can only drink fresh, high-quality coffee in the country of origin of the coffee.

Also, for high capacity coffee capsule holders for household, once we open the packaging,

Coffee beans will stay fresh for a short time.

But the volume of the general coffee powder bag is about 1kg, which can do more

Over 150 cups of instant coffee.

This means that after we have tasted a few cups of coffee in a bag, the coffee grounds can go bad.

In this case, we need innovations in coffee packaging

Keep instant coffee fresh.

empty capsule coffee are our best choice.

Here are the valuable advantages of coffee mate capsule.

1. Simple operation

Put the capsules in the capsules for coffee machine,

It only takes about 25 seconds to make a cup of coffee.

2. To our physical health

Aluminum foil coffee can be heated by high temperature,

When using the coffee machine, there is no harm to our body.

3. Keep the coffee fresh

The key factor in a good cup of coffee is freshness.

Food-grade aluminum foil capsules keep coffee fresh for about two years.

It is also a great help for long-distance coffee exports.

4. Easy to store

Aluminum foil coffee capsules can be heat sealed 100% with aluminum foil lids.

We don't have to worry about it being exposed to the air and getting wet.

5. Multiple colors,

nespresso aluminum foil empty coffee capsule can be produced in different colors,

Such as gold, red and green.

It can make coffee packaging more attractive.

We can even use different capsule colors to represent different coffee flavors.

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